Mentorship Movement

Soldier In The Army Of The Lord

We plan to reach down to the core of the Son, the heart, to cradle them with the love they need to enable them to walk in knowing the truth about who they are and why they are here: their purpose in life to live not just exist, more than being alive, rather to live abundantly. stable them in order by introducing them to how they're able to be saved eternally, to help save another's life.

We will use all positive means necessary, in hopes of deterring them from: the cold streets, the recidivism of the prisons / institutions, from lies told. We hope to redirect them in the right direction towards the truth, freedom, to be not what has been seen negatively, rather to overcome it all, becoming resilient with strength obtained from it all.

Most people know that SOS was initially a distress call that was used in Morse code, a distress signal used  especially by ships and aircraft. SOS became the worldwide standard distress signal on July 1st, 1908 having been adopted by the German government 3 years earlier.

Today we have adopted that distress signal. We believe in this organization that every night , every day,  a son a father a young man, a child is murdered or involved into a criminal activity involved into a mishap, a misfortune, perhaps being at the wrong place at the wrong time a distress signal is sent out in the form of a prayer: Save Our Sons... and is that how we use it to interpret a far cry out for help and then we are ordered to listen to them.

So we are set apart:

We believe we have a problem at hand that can no longer be ignored, being so apparent that the livelihood of each individual in proximity is affected. We asked ourselves the question that you ask, ‘how will we do it’,’what will we do’, ‘how will we save our sons’?

We do not have all the answers ,although we do know and believe  that  Sons were saved already by one father's sacrifice. Still we must fight. So we fight.

We fight for our sons by coming together on one accord as a village. As it still takes a village to raise our children.

We as an organization have no fingers to blame to any other organizations, without them pointing back on us. We have no judgement to give about circumstances, and situations. We reiterate that we  don't have all the answers , but we will fight on our knees in prayer with our sons who the god of this world is after since God created Adam before He created Eve. Thereby not excluding the importance of our ladies, daughters, mothers,and grandmothers who without them we'd be through without their prayers, their insight, their guidance and support. SOS is designed for the Sons. Parents, sisters, daughters,ladies are always welcome here. Our goal is to service the family as a whole.

How will we do it:

Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly this is a life mission… This is a movement and we seek to inspire in order to reach the needs.

The needs are apparent:freedom from physical, mental,spiritual, and destructive relationships, negative affirmations planted firmly inside the minds and hearts of sons at some place in their lives. Emotional scars which are evident in lifestyle and core belief, trauma disorders seen by the eyes of sons.. What we do is treat the problem, then we replace them with every positive, uplifting eye opening program designed to destroy negative thoughts in their minds and in their hearts. We want to be sure that we are not seeking to involve anyone in any religion or denomination as tradition of men. We are leaders of love. We have received the command to love all. Even opposers and enemies. We seek to lead by example to a concrete relationship with God first ,with ourselves, with each other, within families, which will affect our mass communities.

Completion of the program certifies one as CPR Instructor

  • Saving Our Sons Medic Medallion
  • AED Certified
  • Stop The Bleed
  • LifeGuard Training
  • Save Another Son/Save Ourselves Training
  • Knowledge in Basic Life Saving Skills
  • Military Custom Dog tags(New Identity In Christ)
  • Knowledge On ' Swallow Pride To Stay Alive Movement'
  • Military Shirt/ Garret
  • Crisis Intervention Skills Award
  • Conflict Resolution Award
  • Ceremony Graduation To Certify Mentor After Completion/Training

Please Note Service 3 is completely optional although preferred.

Please Note Religion is of no importance, only relationship.

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