How You Can Help

Greetings Partner(s)

We greet you, with open arms, beseeching you that you will in ear, including in your heart, listen to what we take value in and put forth before you.

Saving Our Sons Mentoring Movement Incorporation has prayed continuously about businesses such as yourself, who have been monuments in society from in various communities and neighborhoods across America. What you survived, in spite of what was probed and deemed against you to fail and be victim to. You survived.

The prayer, this message to you, is that we hope will not fall upon deaf ears, and hit a heart matter which affects every living thing on the face of this Earth. What you stood for is the very reason you are here.

Your legacy precedes you and will be here after you. You are the answers to our prayers on earth, and that we would find, a soft spot in your heart to help, sponsor, give your blessing and insight - not limited to your time - to our mission. Our movement. Those things we mentioned above are those things money could never buy. Priceless gift from yourself and the company you started. Our movement was envisioned, before we even begin out we are simply picking up the torch which was passed as we proceed in hopes that we accomplish before time runs out our purpose on Earth.

Time is literally of the essence. Saving Our Sons Mentoring Movement is a nonprofit organization, with sons and mind regardless of any color or creed or systematic division set out to not include anyone in the age bracket between (10 and 28)years of age, who meet the criteria. Which is the only requirement into mentorship program. Which is to identify that there is a need. Which is a broad answer, which we will cover in details later.

The main aspect which we all can relate and identify in:

The need to survive, to live past what has negativity happened to us in.  There are so many, of old and young, who have lost the ability to hope and to have faith, trust in each other as brothers and Sons. Fathers and friends, daughters and mothers, in the city we reside.

We believe at SOS it will take a village again to raise our children, starting with our youth, our sons never undermining our daughters, the root starts with sons. We also believe that some negative or adversity faced in the past could be a great, hands-on experience for the present to present a future with qualifications from the past to live past it if   we were to learn from it.

To have concrete evidence that with all stacked up negatively it could well be used more positively than it proved negative to begin with.

What we believe at SOS is that all our sons were saved eternally by one son’s sacrifice, at the expense of Grace, what we could never obtain and mercy we didn't deserve. We believe it will take us as a team to sacrifice our precious gifts ,stories,  time, testimonies it is how we overcome each day learning from the way we lived, what we hands-on experienced our hopes, inhibitions, our dreams are failures, into success stories.

We get to young people with our hearts, and our prayers, the lessons we encountered, have encountered, we sacrifice us, ourselves for the greater good, of influencing them to live past the destruction and chaos they view which is inescapable as we live in this day, in society which affects our communities in the Earth's last days.

We need your help, your strategies into what we could come together putting aside every difference and use every encounter to encourage them with your story on how you survived, and how this company exist today.

There is no greater Ministry story than the one you experienced you ….what we live through...

We here at SOS MM Inc. did not come to reinvent the wheel, rather come along as a strong arm to fight with the body of companies, including with like organizations who seek to rid the plague of violence against, each other within our communities. So many misconceptions in our communities which affects how we interact with each other regardless of color, or any prejudice act of violence , we counter attack with any force by acting in: Love, Faith, and courage in the face of adversity. In the face of the storms life carries.

With some of that there courage, we wrote this here letter. As this here is written to you and  it too is written in stone and we shall go forth. Martin Luther King's dream has never died. We pray with your blessing with your insight, advice from your leadership we can get some tools. The jewels. 

This letter is not about money. It's an in investment into a garden within the community to grow successfully. This is something so much more vital and important what money can't buy itself. It is time. It is love for. It is your personal life lesson you experienced………

So here's the question? Can you help us?

We can be contacted in many ways:

Thank you, even for your time….

“...a good name to rather be chosen than great riches, and loving favor rather than silver and gold”.... Prov. 22:1


Lance Ambrose Sr.

Executive- Director/Founder of Saving Our Sons Mentoring Movement Inc.