SOS Movement

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  • We teach sons the true value of accepting personal responsibility for our own actions.

  • Building a personal relationship with them individually with each other.

  • We share our own personal testimonies / stories.

  • We give sons the opportunity, not by force, to make personal invitations to walk with them through difficulties in life.

  • We use psychotherapeutic ways to interact with them, specific goals to their needs and what they want to accomplish.

  • Teaching true power in prayer.

  • Helping them to understand their purpose in life, who they are, why they are here and to  discover who God really is.

  • Discover who we really are as children of God and not who the world says we are.

What war are we in?

The War for our souls that is why 

We believe that the world ultimately is divided into two powerful armies. Army of God.Which is far more powerful than the accusing, opponent Satan's limited yet powerful Army.

Good vs. Evil

Light vs. Darkness

So despite popular belief, we believe our sons  are either casualties of war, civilians, or soldiers.  It will ultimately be based on decisions and choices.

The summer program is based as an army spiritual preparation for survival boot camp. To enlist is by choice and a two party agreement (Son / Parent) since here we will never use force to communicate and or involve anyone in any program(s)

Who can be involved:

We are equipped to accommodate Sons, young men between 10 to 25 years of age. Despite color, despite a denomination, despite creed. It is of no importance since we welcome you as you are. The main requirement is  that you have a need to be met and recognize that time is running out of time itself.

Saving our sons Mentoring Movement General etiquette:

(What we stand for)

  • Courtesy, kindness, gentleness, is a element of life.

  • Phrases like "please" and "thank you" are expected wherever appropriate.

  • Formal address for all adults is expected; Mr. Ms. Mrs. together with a last name.

  • Gossip is not tolerated, have a ought? Go to the brothers (each other).

  • Respect for each other is mandatory.

  • The senior person, brother, etc. receives the honor of Elder respect.

  • Respect for authority is both expected and demanded. Personal admiration, however, is not demanded - you don't have to like your superiors overseers just obey who have watch over you almost given an account.

  • All individuals extend the same courtesy to all, regardless of rank; likewise it must be reciprocated.

  • When in doubt follow the lead of other brethren in immediate vicinity.

SOS values

  • Be slow to speak, rather swift to listen.

  • Be merciful towards each other.

  • Be hungry and thirst for justice for what is right right standing with God.

  • Remain pure no substance no sex before marriage if plan on marriage.

  • Work for peace, between all brothers.

  • Remain humble servicing heart servant's heart.

  • It's okay to mourn.

  • You will be mocked, persecuted, lied about - remain quiet as a soldier for Chris; He will fight your battles, and silence your Accuser. A great reward awaits you your life may even depend on your actions from it.

  • Love your enemies.

  • Do not judge your brother if he falls help him up you are your brother's keeper.

  • Love yourself.

  • Forgive yourself and each and everyone if harmed or offended.

  • To obey the laws that govern you the Ten Commandments.

  • Pray, before, thanks after; be careful for nothing.

  • Fear the Lord.

SOS core values continued

  • Loyalty: bear true faith and allegiance to God, the rules govern for you, your brother, yourselves, and others even your enemies

  • Duty: fulfill your obligations, your purpose lived out

  • Respect: treat each other as you would want to be treated, or even better with respect

  • Selfless service: put the welfare of your brother over yourself Brother's Keeper

  • Honor: honor your overseers father / mother one who has watch over you as they must give an account for you and the things that happens in the things they do to you

  • Integrity: do what is right, legally and morally when no one is around for the eyes of the Lord are in every place

  • Personal courage: face your fears danger or adversity physically Morley perfect love cast out fear

So We listen

We have an obligation out of love to listen to the Sons, we listen to what happened to them, we listen to what's happening to them, we listen to what they hope for, we have an ear we give to their needs.

So We Act

A change: something we all desire, yet sometimes know that we need. In our inability, alone, by ourselves to no avail, we pray we can achieve it. Although  we fell,but we will not fail since sons are depending on us...deep inside the heart we know something more powerful than will is there, it is what keeps us going, seeking, yet still searching, even  wounded ,we search considered at times hopeless when we see no hope, we  felt like vagabonds aimless, drifters at times , earnestly desiring change , knowing that there has to be something better than what we just see  in the  natural... what we want to see with our spiritual eyes. We  comprehend it to be Hope believing without seeing. Faith. What we always hoped at one time for us to see a change. That is why we are Saving our sons is our destiny, our mission parameter  to deal hope by helping others Prosper eternally…

So you say that your son will be involved then we will place him at Love arrest;

Sons Freedom Rights:

“Son you have not the right to remain silent in life when concerning what happened to you. You have to tell the truth."

  • Everything you don't say, can and will be used against you, to destroy you.
  • It will imprison you in the darkness of guilt and shame.
  • To keep you in a slave to fear, to Disobedience utterly destroying your own self inside out.
  • It uses everything that you won't say or you're embarrassed to say.

Today, in this room in this place you will be free. So you have the right to an attorney and advocate, his name is Jesus but you must choose him, since he already chose you.

And if you don't have that one, Jesus the advocator ,attorney to fulfill the law oh, you stand not a chance up against it alone, on your own intellect or of your own power, even against your own will you will fail alone.

You will be questioned, but you must choose the right thing to do don't imprison you.

And now after being read the truth do you truly understand the war you are in and do you give up your rights, your life, to the one who wants to kill you, steal from you steal even you to ultimately and nothing else but to destroy you by silencing your voice.

Or to the one who gives you life more abundantly,  him who made you,  what do you want to do son?

The choice is on you.

SOS has a basic believer/ non-believer combat training summer program:

BIC is a 7 week intensive training program

(Cradle movement, Stable movement, Enable movement, Save movement)

The goal is to prepare ready recruits to become soldiers of God's Army capable of fighting spiritually by following orders and working as a team.

Sons begin as privates and graduate to private first class after vigorous training and tests.

The first few days are for processing information, a welcome introduction where the rules and zero tolerance is laid out, questions from the mentor to the mentee, a very critical key element for establishing the cradle movement and the beginning of the origin of relationships.

During the actual second week which is officially called Week 1 serious training begins and continues through week 7

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Day 1 ( Week 00) Reception week

  • Monday: reception week is an opportunity for all parties - mentors and menties - to become acquainted a set time to listen this also is a very critical time that the establishing of Love cradling is implemented solidly laid out

  • Orientation is exchanging information between mentors and mentees (personal)

  • Movement like the Army

Day 2

  • Presentation; first impression lesson is best impression.

  • Uniforms in dog tags are provided.

  • T-shirts military watch belt army fatigue which is the combat dress.

  • Grooming hygiene (speaker presentation).

Day 3 Healthy Living(Promotion)

  • I am what I eat (your body exerts out what we input).

  • What does your body require to function right?

  • Examine yourself.

*This is an overall projection with alterations which will be modified into the program once available*