About Us

Mission Statement

Reaching sons wherever they are in life. In order to teach sons, we relate from experiences - training them comes through relationships as we walk with them, equipping them both physically and spiritually in order to reignite hope in them again 

Vision Statement

Saving our Sons Mentoring Movement's vision is to provide, cultivate, empower and promote growth in the development of each youth. We focus on enhancing their spiritual, emotional and physical abilities to recognize the negative effects acquired by their environment. We also incorporate the value of respect and building relationships to enhance their leadership qualities.

Who We Are

We are a nonprofit organization providing mentoring to the youth in the Greater Milwaukee Area.

Targeted Audience

Our program will form partnerships with other non-profits throughout the community with other mentoring organizations, local churches, public and private schools, the juvenile court system, foster homes and community-based residential facilities throughout the city of Milwaukee.

So, What Do We Do?

SOS will pair a youth with a mentor for 12 months initially. One on one mentoring and group mentoring, in combination with the attending of school at engagements by the mentor, provide essential service to build relationships with mentee and teacher restoring connection between parties.

Twice a month, we offer group activities where we interact and establish relationships with one another,  as well as with other individuals throughout the community. We teach the importance of how crucial it is to be able to relate within other individuals in spite of differences. We do community services and hands-on learning experiences which, in this environment, is a vital tool for teaching.

Our Mentors

Our mentors will be hand selected from a pool of mentors and volunteers. We use a special mentoring screening process to match youth with the need appropriate to the youth's need. Volunteers are matched with a youth based on profession to create lasting relationships. We exercise the use of our partners at Mentor Greater Milwaukee, powered by the Bucks, to get training for mentors and staff as well as resourceful tools used to facilitate our engagement with the youth and the community.

What's Unique About Us

We mimic a military-based program in general to set structure and guidance with an innovative approach. Ranking youths as privates; as they go throughout the quarterly base programs until the youth reaches the operational movements. For example:  7 Class C.R.A.D.L.E Movement….7 Class S.T.A.B.LE Movement...7 Class E.N.A.B.L.E Movement…

Along the way incentives are given following reward ceremonies with graduation upon completion.

Lastly, the Class S.A.V.E Movement will have the youth take a test based on what was learned, including the CPR, AED, First Aid training, and so on to become a certified responder. Becoming a knowledgeable trained leader with the ability to respect and have respect of others and a new identity. He can now survive anywhere in life with communication skills with many other acquired skills the youth obtained.